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A licensed real estate agency based in Johor Bahru.


Started on 9th June 2020, in 3 years time, we grow out team to more than 350 members.


One Union Realty is more than realty. Our job is to build your life, your dreams & your legacy.

One Union Realty dedicated to provide the highest level of honesty and market leading expertise to our client.

Professional Humble Honest Enthusiasm Creative Teamwork


Our Director - Jvel Chok

Hi all, I am Jvel Chok, Director of One Union Group Sdn Bhd. I started paving my journey at 20 years old into property without any financial aids from family. All I have today, I would like to thank my beloved father who have always inspire me on his discipline and work ethic. Being independent and ambitious has taught me to stay focused and dedicated to my ventures. Some of the traits which have always impressed my previous and current clients was the way I handled precise facts in the communication. I believe all clients who preferred to purchase their first home or even collaborate with developers is mainly due to my calibre and work quality.


Company started in the year of Covid-19 which most of the business collapsed and facing the biggest challenge, but with my motto in life “Think less, do more. Everything is the best arrangement.” I believe I managed to pass through the challenges and I have confident in facing the challenges in the future.


For anyone who knows me, I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with expertise in property management who will oversee the company daily operations, directing all its resources to implement a strategic plan for growth. I have a total of 8 years relevant experience in the real estate industry.


With my experience and expertise in real estate, I have invested 9 properties and 3 offices within 5 years. My highest record was earning 28% profit within a year from a single property. Aside from growing my own assets, I have helped more than 2,500 clients find their satisfactory property as investment and own-stay.